The Skokie location spans 30,000 square feet and it will fill two floors and feature nine-hole mini golf courses.
Aura’s café and beach bar menu includes different options of appetizers, salads, and hand-helds.
The location for the new Domino’s was chosen for being a highly populated area, according to franchisee Chad Vickers.
Nepal House currently has two locations, including a South Michigan Ave. spot and another at Devon Ave.
Crab King’s fourth location will feature a fast-casual seafood concept.
The restaurant is currently in its final construction phase.
The restaurant has different seating areas that includes an outdoor patio.
Paris Baguette is currently working on selecting the best locations as per the agreement.
Owners Johnny Clark and Beverly Kim said they don’t have the means to reopen for the third time in four years.
The restaurant inside the entertainment sports facility will be more family-oriented.
The second location is still in the concept phase but it is expected to be entirely different from the current location.
A final opening date hasn’t been set yet but the Fast Grill team is hoping to open by the end of the summer.
The counter-service restaurant plans to introduce a few tweaks to its menu.
Pedestrian Coffee will be serving ice cream made from scratch in its new location and it will dedicate a corner where customers can make their own espresso.

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