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Hello and welcome to your new go-to site for the latest brick-and-mortar news breaking in the Windy City. For years, What Now Media Group has been hard at work in towns like Los Angeles and Atlanta uncovering the newest developments in the restaurant, retail, and realty markets.

Our readers know when and where a new restaurant or business will land, often before the owners have even made an announcement. So naturally, we’re thrilled to reveal we’ve arrived in Chicago and are already hard at work uncovering the latest brick-and-mortar news in your neighborhood. 

From Pilsen to West Loop, River North to Lake View, What Now Chicago aims to bring you the very latest details on restaurant and business openings and closing, not to mention real estate acquisitions and developments. Be it deep-dish pie shops or Chicago dog stands, taquerias, or swanky cocktail bars, What Now Chicago will have the coverage, and you will have the details. 

Chi-town is a busy place, so we understand timing is of the essence. At What Now Chicago, our goal is to get you the news first, that way you never have to miss a restaurant opening. But even more importantly, we’re in the business of breaking local news. So if you’ve seen a sign for a new pizza shop or boutique headed down the block from your apartment, we’d love to hear about it. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll get the scoop. 

Chicago is our kind of town, so stay in touch by subscribing to our breaking newsletters or finding us on Facebook and Twitter.

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