Lerias has wanted to have his own bakery since he was 16 and is now 23 according to Chicago Eater.
According to The Record North Shore article, multiple reasons attributed to the move.
Elixir Lounge and Replay have locations in Andersonville and the Chicago metro.
Carnitas Uruapan has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including Univision, The Food Network, and others.
According to the article from Chicago Food Magazine, Fatpour falls under Big Onion Hospitality's portfolio.
From a menu standpoint, Galbraith states they're aiming to present something ambitious that could rival what you’d find in any of the big food cities.
Ami stated in the article "I'm excited to bring a true taste of Jerusalem to Chicago’s North Shore."
Listed on the permit filing and Future Firm's website is Donnell Digby.
The chefs are also looking to bring Parachute back to life in a larger location Downtown, Block Club's article states.

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