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Winebow's expertise lies in connecting our customers, who are passionate about fine wine and spirits, with the producers who carefully craft them. We are always searching for wines and spirits that are authentic and interesting, and that express their distinct characteristics.

A leading importer and distributor in the United States, Winebow is in all 51 U.S. markets: 33 as an importer and 18 as both an importer and distributor. Our enthusiasm for discovery and for the talented work of new and established winemakers and distillers drives us every day.

Winebow’s seat at the table is centered around a commitment to fine wine and spirits and our tenet of “People, Passion, and Knowledge.” Our longevity is attributable to the dedication of our employees, the talent of our producers, and the support of our customers. Our partners trust that we are experts in both the niches of our markets and in the worldwide beverage industry.

Our company history goes back to 1980 when two entrepreneurs, one in New York and one in Virginia, each saw an opportunity to blend their passion for wine with commerce. Winebow began as a regional importer and distributor in New York and New Jersey focusing on wines from Italy, while the Country Vintner began as a wine distributor in Virginia.  Over the following decades, each company grew in market share and expertise through a combination of organic growth, greenfield expansions, and a series of key mergers and acquisitions.

When these two successful and compatible companies merged in 2014, the sum was greater than the parts and set in motion even greater opportunities for the new Winebow. As the preeminent company of national scale in both importing and distribution, focused exclusively on fine wine and spirits, our unique position allows us to positively influence and help shape the futures of our producers.

After the merger, the company undertook important infrastructure improvements to integrate our different divisions and brands and align our business segments. Concurrently, Winebow significantly expanded our distribution footprint by adding West Coast and Midwest markets to our roster.

At Winebow, we want to ensure our customers an exceptional experience and selection, increase the reach of our talented producers, and provide our associates with a great place to work.

The business of wine and spirits is about people. We value enduring relationships and are honored to have relationships spanning decades with producers, customers, and colleagues.

There is a seat for you at the Winebow table. What can we pour you?

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  • Wine & Spirits Wholesaler
  • Wine & Spirits Importer
  • Wine & Spirits Sales Consulting

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Joe Siler

Senior VP | Midwest

Dustin C. Ryan

VP | Winebow IL

James Adam

Director of Sales | Midwest

Amanda Dougherty

District Manager - Chicago Metro and Near West Suburbs

Eric Steckler

District Manager - North and West Suburbs

Jacob Emberton

District Manager - Chicago Metro

Paul Simpson

District Manager - Central & Northwest and Outstate Chains

George Kelley

Market Specialist - IL

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