The Former Egg’lectic Cafe in Rolling Meadows Will See New Life As Agit Black

Agit has an upcoming meeting with the city council for their liquor license, according to the Daily Herald.
Krema will also be opening a new location in North Aurora around the same time as Tinley Park.
Tran is also the communications manager of Uptown United, while Pham is also the owner of Mini Tx Pharmacy.
Aside from their gyros, Papagus has a burger, sandwich, and house specialty section on their menu.
Paul and Spencer met by serving on the same board, later becoming friends and partnering on Barn Hockey Bar.
According to Collins Dictionary, "Brasero" translates to a large metal tray for holding burning coals.
Consume also hosts events and party options, according to their website.
According to Fenton's Instagram biography, he is currently the executive chef at Wild Tulum.
Prior to taking ownership of The Bagel, Marvin was a NASCAR speedway baron, amongst other professions.
Lemon regularly updates on their journey and the history behind the team on their social media platforms.
According to an article from Block Chicago, the new place will feature a new deli and meat processing facility.
Ema's first location currently resides in the River North area.
Industry Ales also offers a merchandise section on their website.

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