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Green Grease Environmental

Green Grease Environmental is a "Triple Bottom Line" focused company aiming to make a positive environmental and social impact while mainlining a for-profit business.

We do the dirty work for cleaner energy production. By collecting your used fryer oil and cleaning it to spec, we are able to take a spent product and make it into a feedstock for renewable energy.

Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel are both transition fuels to the clean energy economy. They displace traditional, dirty burning diesel. This cleaner burning fuel will help to reduce our transportation emissions while we wait for more complete solutions.

Green Grease Environmental is located in a historically underprivileged neighborhood. We have taken steps to develop partnerships with local colleges and community outreach programs to create on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs. We are investing in the local community by creating job opportunities and skill development, while restoring abandoned or neglected parcels of land.

Phone: 855-645-2246
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  • FREE COOKING OIL RECYCLING: We recognize that a restaurant's focus is not on their fryer oil disposal. Green Grease offers your business an opportunity to make a positive change while possibly adding to your bottom line.

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